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Dawson's Spa Service

Rediscover your spa.

Are you tired of messing around with chemicals? Is your spa full of stagnant water? Is your pool guy turning your spa into a chlorine bath? A spa or hot tub is not a pool. It needs more than just chlorine. It needs special care and attention. And it does not need the same chlorine treatment your pool gets. We can take care of your spa for you with our weekly service so it will always be ready for you to relax and enjoy. We can clean it for you and add the right stuff so it's always ready. 


We don't do pools. We specialize just in spas so you know we only use products designed specifically for your spa. We do all the hard work. We clean and condition your cover. We scrub the gunk off the water line. We clean your filter. We adjust the water with chemicals designed to make your spa a pleasant and itching/burning free experience. When it needs it, we completely drain and clean it and refill it with fresh water. All of this is included in our weekly service packages.


We pride ourselves on our straightforward pricing. No hidden costs or unexpected fees. No hourly rates.


Weekly service - Includes light cleaning, debris removal, and water treatment so your spa is always ready. Also includes monthly filter cleaning. Drain&Cleans are included based on manufacturer recommendation and your sanitizer option.


Chlorine/Bromine Sanitizer: $120/month

Super low chlorine Sanitizer: $132/month

Extra large spas(over 500 gallons): +$12/month


Sign up for a year of service and receive a free replacement filter every year.


Drain&Clean - We completely drain and thoroughly clean your spa. This includes cleaning the filter and conditioning the cover. We refill and treat your water. Recommended at least every 120 days for most spas.


Standard: $150

Extra large spas(over 500 gallons): +$30 for every additional 500 gallons

Excessively dirty or not maintained: +$50-$100

Owner info:

Owner: Matthew Dawson

Phone: (559) 772-7877

Email: mattldawson1@gmail.com




We are proud to serve the Hanford and Visalia areas.

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